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Guests are most welcome to come along to one of our Indoor Meets, held on the first Thursday of the month where you can meet members. Indoor Meets run from Sept to May at 8.00pm in The Steeple, Nethergate, Dundee. A list of events can be found in our website calendar. If you are interested in joining the club, or would like further information about our activities, please complete the form found here.



  1. Scottish Avalanche Info Centre - Superb source of information about snow and winter climbing conditions in the five main climbing areas in Scotland.
  2. Cairngorm Weather Station - Up to date temperature and wind information for Cairngorm.
  3. BBC Online Weather - Detailed long and short range area forecasts.
  4. MWIS - Mountain weather information service.
  5. The Met Office - Great local (and international) forecasting, the satellite imagery section is excellent and has fascinating photos from space regularly updated.
  6. Online Weather - Detailed forecasts for mountains areas in Scotland with 3000' temperatures.

Other Clubs

  1. Mountaineering Scotland - Web site for local news on access and conservation issues.
  2. Scottish Mountaineering Club - A huge and very informative site esp. on arcane Munro matters and new routing.
  3. Tayside Mountain Rescue - Get to know the local team before you need them on the hill and support their fund raising.
  4. MunroSociety - A new society for Munro Completers.

Training Centres

  1. Glenmore Lodge -  Scotland's National Outdoor Training Centre 
  2. Ancrum Outdoor Centre - Dundee's main adventure activity provider and training centre.

Other Links

  1. John Muir Trust - Join the JMT online.
  2. Mountain Bothies Association - Lots of pictures of well-known and obscure bothies.
  3. Ordnance Survey - Maps, maps and more maps.
  4. Dundee Mountain Film Festival - Not to be missed, in November each year.
  5. Avertical World - Dundee's most popular climbing wall.
  6. Bed and Breakfast - For anyone wanting to avoid midges here is a website with B&B's located next to mountains.

With Thanks...

The Grampian Club would like to thank the following people for their help in the smooth running of the club...

Geoff Bardsley, Acting President

Findlay Swinton, Honorary President

Alex Winter, Secretary

Cathy Kinnear, Assistant Secretary

Fraser Rowson, Treasurer

Pauline McEachen, Joint Weekend Meet Secretary

Elaine Leong, Joint Weekend Meet Secretary

Kevin Green, Hut Custodian

David Lebeter, Cottage Custodian

Lorna Dalton, Council Member

Diana Carter, Membership Secretary

Bruce Strachan, Newsletter Editor

Diana Carter, Web Custodian

Brian Fenton, Assistant Web Custodian

Isdale Anderson, Assistant Day Meet Secretary

Alan Rowan, Assistant Day Meet Secretary

Marianne Kenley, Club Archivist

Peter Davidson, Bulletin Editor

Marion Sharkey, Accounts Examiner

Susan Davis, Accounts Examiner

Plus a huge thanks goes out to the many other volunteers for stepping forward and making sure we keep moving forward.

And a special thanks go out to Alan McCaffery for the many images he provided us to use on the new website.


How to Join the Club

join-usWe always warmly welcome new members into our club. Find out how you can join the Grampian Club here.



Facebook Page       

Facebook (Members Only) Group


*** COVID-19 UPDATE ***

All Events remain suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thanks to the hard work of the Hut and Cottage Custodians, the Hut re-opened on 17th July and the Cottage will open on 1st August.

We aim to re-start club events as soon as it is safe and practical to do so.

Important information on use of Inbhirfhaolain

Important information on use of Newton Cottage


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