How to Join the Club

New members are always made very welcome.

Prior to joining, potential new members are encouraged to attend a Day Meet (or two) as a guest – all that they would pay would be the normal Coach fare which is currently £16. That allows the potential new member to experience how Day Meets are run, and also allows us to find out about you.

Excellent conditions for a circuit of Broad Cairn to start with anyway – it soon deteriorated

Before attending as a guest, we would ask that you complete and submit a Guest Questionnaire to tell us about your experience and fitness. With that information we can try to make sure that you are placed in an appropriate group when you come out as a guest on a Day meet.

Applications to join the Club need to be supported by a Proposer and a Seconder who are both Club members. If you already know 2 members of the Club willing to vouch for you, that is great. Normally however, after completing a Day Meet as a guest, it is easy to find members willing to support your application – probably members who you have been walking with for the Day.

Applicants can use the online Application Form to submit their application. Alternatively, they can print off, complete and submit a paper copy using the pdf application form which will be sent in response to all enquiries regarding membership.

Annual membership, which includes membership of Mountaineering Scotland, is only £30 a year. If you are already affiliated to Mountaineering Scotland then the annual subscription reduces to £15. If you join mid-term then you will pay a reduced rate based on a sliding scale depending when in the year you actually join as shown in the following table.

Payment can be made by cash (if the application is submitted by hand) or by cheque made payable to the Grampian Club and sent to the Club Secretary, or by Bank transfer (please use the ‘Contact us’ form to obtain details of the Club Secretary’s address, or for the Club’s bank details).

If you would like to join the Grampian Club, or just want more information about us, please contact us using the ‘Contact us’ form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Glorious Day in the Grey Corries, November 2020

Mountaining Scotland Club Member

The Grampian Club is a Club Member of Mountaineering Scotland