Guidance Notes

Released 15 November 2023

These Notes do not form part of the Club Constitution and may be updated or revised as required by Council.

Club Membership

Upon election to membership of the Grampian Club individuals undertake to be bound by the Constitution and are expected to show support for the activities of the Club.

Membership of the Club includes use of the Club properties, membership of Mountaineering Scotland which confers the following benefits: use of club huts throughout the British Isles belonging to clubs which are members of Mountaineering Scotland and the British Mountaineering Council; Mountaineering Scotland liability insurance cover; discounts at various mountaineering equipment shops; free copies of the quarterly magazine
“Scottish Mountaineer”.

Further benefits of membership are detailed on the Mountaineering Scotland website.

Members are encouraged to participate in Club hut and cottage work parties, attend indoor meets and volunteer for events at which the Club is participating.

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Policy

The Grampian club strives to ensure that every Club member who wishes to be involved in hillwalking, climbing or Mountaineering activities

  • has genuine and equal opportunities to participate to the full extent of their own ambitions and abilities
  • is assured of an environment in which their rights, dignity and individual worth are respected, so they are able to enjoy their sport without the threat of discrimination, intimidation, victimisation, harassment or abuse

Self-reliance on outdoor meets

All members on outdoor meets are encouraged to develop competence to be self-reliant. Members
who lack fitness, or experience in navigation and winter conditions, should seek to acquire the
necessary fitness and skills through participation during meets and/or training.

While experience may be gained through participation in day meets, the Club is not responsible for training new members and expects members to adopt a progressive approach to their activities with the Club.

Day Meets

Day meets are a core activity of the Club and organised by the Day Meets Team, chaired by the Day Meet Secretary (DMS). Day meets are organised using the following process:

  1. Members and guests apply to join a Day Meet, with their preferred route choice. (From the list of options in the newsletter, or any other preference they have.)
  2. The acting DMS logs the applications, and compiles a Draft Groups Table as a spreadsheet, noting the preferred route choice of all applicants. This is the basis for the Day Meets Meeting, where the walk groups are confirmed by the Day Meets Team taking note of the perceived abilities of members and guests. A coordinator for each group is selected.
  3. The DMS books the coach from the coach company at the start of the week before the Day Meet.
  4. The updated Groups Table is circulated by email to all members and guests booking for the meet,
    with a blank group table, to allow members and guests to provide the group coordinator with a checklist of their clothing, equipment, and mobile number. Other logistical details are also mailed out by the acting DMS; timing information for the coach, including latest pickup times, coach route, coach base for the day, where each member joins the coach, luggage storage on the coach. This allows members and guests to make contact with any queries about the meet, including a change of route. It can be required to change some or all the routes on the day, as a result of weather variations for example.
  5. On the meet the group coordinator will encourage all members to be involved with navigation and route choice. Depending on the skill level in the group, weather changes and timing issues, the coordinator can be required to change the route. The coordinator will have adequate skills and experience to be able to make such decisions, about keeping the group together, and arriving back at the coach safely on time.

    Remember that the Club is not responsible for ensuring the safety of members on meets or for ensuring that they are collected by the bus. Drivers adhere to the “Rules on drivers’ hours and tachographs for passenger vehicles in Great Britain and Europe”, therefore you will be left behind if you are late!

Generally, dogs are not permitted on meets. This is to respect those with phobias and allergies. However, particularly with reference to SARDA and assistance guide dogs, covered by the accessibility provisions of the Equality Act, exceptions can be made with the prior agreement of the appropriate MS.

Weekend Meets

While the same general principles that apply to Day Meets also apply to Weekend Meets, except for provision of transport, parties are made up in a less formal way. Individuals with similar objectives and abilities get together and agree to form a party for the day. The party should prepare and give a route card to the Weekend Meet Secretary before setting out. This card should list the party members, the intended route and their estimated time of return.

Guests on Meets

A guest is not a member of the Club.

A guest may attend a meet or other function of the Club. In the case of any form of outdoor meet (Day, Weekend) guests should be self-reliant and appropriately skilled and equipped for their chosen activity.

Their participation should be discussed and agreed with the Meet Secretary. The Meet Secretary should also ensure that the Guest is aware that they are responsible for their own safety.

A guest may only attend two outdoor meets. They should apply for membership of the Club if they
wish to attend further meetings.

Children on Meets

The Club does not have a Child Protection Policy as it does not allow unaccompanied children (any
person under 18 years of age) on meets.

If a member wishes to bring a child on a Day or Weekend Meet, the following conditions apply:

  • The Meet Secretary should be informed of the intention to bring a child and the members of the relevant party advised to choose a suitable route in consultation with the child and the parent or guardian.
  • During any such participation, children and young people should be accompanied by their parent, guardian or nominated adult, who should have sole responsibility throughout.
  • The parent, guardian or nominated adult is responsible for the health and safety of the child and for the child’s actions on the Meet.
  • The child is a guest of the member and is covered by the Mountaineering Scotland liability insurance referred to above for two outdoor meets only.

Management of the Club

The Council meets routinely on the first Thursday of the month from September to May, with subgroups meeting or communicating as required. Officers’ Reports are received and discussed at these meetings and actions agreed on as necessary. Where possible any issues with the potential to impact on the operation of the Club are identified and appropriate measures agreed upon to best manage the situation. The Council also use these meetings to plan and implement social events. Any Club member wishing to join Council to help in running the Club should get in touch with the Club President.

Club Properties

Inbhirfhaolain (OS Landranger Sheet 41 – ref 158507)

The Club Hut is situated in Glen Etive and has a kitchen, living room, upstairs dormitory with 13 places on open sleeping benches and an external toilet. There is mains electricity. The toilet is of the composting type. All water should be brought from the burn or used from the hut’s water supply, when available.

It may be used by Club members and their guests, and by members of mountaineering clubs which are affiliated to Mountaineering Scotland and the British Mountaineering Council. Early booking is essential because the Hut is popular with other clubs.

Newton Cottage (OS Landranger Sheet 25 – ref 903551)

The Club Cottage is situated at the head of Loch Torridon and sleeps 11 in small groups in separate bedrooms with single beds. There is a kitchen, living room, bathroom, toilets and showers plus mains water and electricity.

It is a private cottage and may only be used by Club members and their guests.

Further details of charges and how to book should be obtained from the Hut and Cottage Custodians.

The Club Website and Security

The Club website is available at and includes notes on the Club’s history and lists of forthcoming meets. Sections of the website are for members only and include the monthly newsletters and provision for booking stays at the Club hut and cottage. The relevant username and password are required to access member-only sections of the website.

Because of the possibility of fraud and identity theft members are reminded that sharing personal information about Club members is prohibited. The membership list is held by Council only for the purpose of Council business – this information is also used to register each new member on the Mountaineering Scotland Members’ Portal (this satisfies the requirements for insurance purposes and enables the distribution of the magazine “The Scottish Mountaineer” to Club members). Additionally, all members with email addresses are now registered on the Club’s website in a secure area – this is used to communicate regularly with members, and for notification of the availability of each newsletter when it is issued.

Passwords should not be disclosed. The contents of Members only sections of the website (e.g. Newsletters) should not be shared in any form to persons or parties external to the Club.

Data Protection

The Grampian Club takes the privacy of members seriously. As a “controller” of the personal information that members provide to us the Club has prepared a Privacy Notice in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into force in May 2018. The Privacy Notice sets out how, why and for how long the Club will use your personal data, as well as who it is shared with. It explains a member’s legal rights as a data subject and how to exercise them. A link to the Privacy Notice can be found on the Home Page of the Club’s website; alternatively, any member who would like a copy sent to them should contact the Club Secretary.


The Club publishes a Newsletter each month from September to June which contains details of the coming Indoor and Outdoor Meets, reports on previous meets, and Club news generally. Once this has been uploaded to the Club website members are notified by an email with a link to the newsletter. A limited number of hard copies are posted out to those members who have requested them. A copy is also uploaded to the Club’s Facebook page.

Facebook Group

The Club operates a closed Facebook group which features Club announcements and newsletters. Members are encouraged to post pictures and information about relevant activities and events which they feel may be of interest to other members.

Personal Accident and Holiday Insurance for Mountaineering and Hill Walking

Grampian Club members may wish to take out this type of insurance on a personal basis. The BMC offers to Mountaineering Scotland club and individual members, personal accident and travel insurance to cover the wide range of mountaineering activities.

Grampian Club Charitable Support

The Grampian Club is happy to support charitable activities which meet the following criteria.

Activities must:

  • be related to and consistent with the objectives of the club as defined in its constitution,
  • be related to mountain adventure or intended to support mountain adventure or support the mountain environment,
  • involve at least one club member,
  • have no political affiliation and have no content to influence political opinion or activity.
  • do no harm to the environment, eg sponsored walks should ensure no damage occurs to mountain paths or include measures to repair paths afterwards.

The primary means of publicity is the Club’s Newsletter which may provide up to half a page of space for each charity related article towards the end of the Newsletter.

Requests for inclusion must be sent to the Newsletter Editor or their Assistants. The article may facilitate fund-raising by including links to relevant organisations such as JustGiving etc. The inclusion and content of each article is at the discretion of the Newsletter editor in consultation with Council.

Other means of supporting charitable activities may be provided by the Club depending on agreement by Council.

Website sources of information

Mountaineering Scotland
The Granary, West Mill Street, Perth, PH1 5QP
Tel: 01738 493 942

The British Mountaineering Council
177-179 Burton Road, West Didsbury, Manchester, M20 2BB
Tel: 0870 010 4878

Mountaining Scotland Club Member

The Grampian Club is a Club Member of Mountaineering Scotland