Monadh Liath: Newtonmore / Kingussie

Important Message:  To support the “It’s Up to Us” campaign the Council is providing opportunities for Club members to donate when they have been out in the hills. One of these opportunities is to donate on a day meet. A bucket for donations will be at the front of the bus. Please bring cash to put in the bucket if you are willing to support the repair and maintenance of paths in the mountains.

Day Meets

The Grampian Club arranges monthly Day Meets 10 months of the year, usually on the second or third weekend. On each day meet there are different options for walks provided.

They are of varying grades, from easier low level walks to challenging mountain traverses. In the summer months the walks are often longer and there are often opportunities to do several Munros in a day.

If Grampian Club Members have a route they would like to do on the day they can contact the day meet organiser to arrange this (note that the minimum number in a group is preferably 2 in the summertime and 3 in the winter time).

We travel by coach from Dundee, picking up in Perth when heading west. Members are expected to choose walks that are within their own physical capabilities and the Day Meets Team organise attendees into parties of broadly similar ability.

There is a fee for the Day Meets coach (£16) which needs to be paid in advance at the time of booking, preferably via the online booking website, Entry Central, or by cheque.

Some possible routes (OS Map 35):

  • Three Munros route – Newtonmore, Glen Banchor, Carn Dearg, Carn Sgulain, A’Chailleach, Glen Banchor,  Newtonmore (27km/1157m, 7-8 hrs)
  • Two Munros and a Corbett – Newtonmore, Glen Banchor, A’Chailleach, Carn Sgulain, Carn an Fhreicea￾dain, Kingussie (23km/1100m, 7-8hrs)
  • Newtonmore, Glen Banchor, Gleann Lochan, Carn Macoul, Carn Dearg, Glen Banchor, Newtonmore (22km/910m, 6-7hrs) NOTE: this route may not be possible if rivers in spate.
  • Mid-level route – Kingussie, Carn an Fhreiceadain, Beinn Bhreac, Kingussie (18km/682m. 4-5hrs)
  • Lower-level – Kingussie, Ruthven Barracks, Glen Tromie, Insch Marshes, Ruthven, Kingussie (10.5km/300m, 4-5hrs)
  • Lower-level – Wildcat Trail Newtonmore circuit (11km/125m, 4-5hrs)

These are just a few suggestions – any other route options or suggestions welcome. Please note – weather and road conditions may determine changes in route choices. This is still a winter season meet so ice axes, crampons, torches and other relevant safety equipment (e.g. shelter and survival bag, spare clothing) should be carried on the higher routes.

There are options in Newtonmore and Kingussie for refreshments for those finishing earlier.

Mountaining Scotland Club Member

The Grampian Club is a Club Member of Mountaineering Scotland